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Landscape Series No 133 Dark by Yang Guang  杨光 Landscape Series No 138 by Yang Guang  杨光 Landscape Series No 143 by Yang Guang  杨光 Landscape Series No 133 by Yang Guang  杨光 Landscape Series No 178 by Yang Guang  杨光 Landscape Series No 123 by Yang Guang  杨光

Yang Guang 杨光

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Yang Guang is recognised in Beijing as a significant emerging artist. His works have recently been given the official seal of approval in China, after winning the third prize at the China Olympics Motherland Proud of You-Large Scale Paintings Exhibition in 2009. Several paintings by the artist were also acquired into Chinese governmental committees.

In his series of paintings, Yang Guang paints life as he remembers it from childhood in rural China. The paintings carry traces of warm colours, purples, yellows, oranges, greens, yet they convey a deep sense of loss, loneliness and sombriety. The figures, though seemingly busy in their activities, are hollow, faceless, haunting and sad. The landscapes are beautiful, serene, and peaceful, yet the artist recalls his sense of emptiness and hopelessness.

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