Introducing Hua Spotlight

Get Intimate with China’s Top Contemporary Artists

Launch Date: March 2020


Spotlight is Hua’s latest initiative, aimed at helping you go even deeper on our portfolio of high-end contemporary Chinese artists.

Spotlight will feature 1 artist or 1 group or artists at a time in exclusive collaborations. See an artist’s work in all its fine glory and become intimate with their story and inspiration.      

With a unique body of artworks accessible online, Spotlight offers an innovative experience for exploring and acquiring contemporary Chinese art. Certain Spotlights will also include in-person shows around the world for you to visit and get a tangible sense.

Acquire Artworks Online

With Spotlight, you will have the opportunity to access an eclectic catalogue of artworks by our featured artists regardless of location, and purchase art directly from us. If you have any questions or need assistance, simply ask one of our contemporary Chinese art specialists via or live chat.

Come into Contact with the Artist

Discover the beauty and potential of contemporary Chinese art through exclusive studio visits and interviews with the Spotlight artist. Hear the artist’s story and inspiration in their own words. See where they work. Get a tangible sense of their creative process and space with high quality imagery, video content and written interviews. 


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