Beili Liu

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Beili Liu is a contemporary Chinese-American artist, who creates atmospheric large-scale installation works and two-dimensional works. Her works explore and respond to the poetic possibilities of quotidian materials; the pieces look at transformation, time lapse and fragility and speak of complex and delicate human connections.

The site-specific installations transfix energy, responding to space or location by chance. The sensual exhibitions involve suspended materials, which appear to hang freely in space. Her works can be tender and dreamlike, possessing a mesmerising nature.

"My work depends on a genuine connection to the material. By playing with the material — testing, manipulating, experimenting, and examining, even leaving it for months — I watch for the moment of surprise, when the material responds to one or a series of actions, and leads to an exciting physical or conceptual outcome. That outcome itself sometimes becomes the lead into a new project.

Often, what I learned from the material calls for a particular set of elements: structure, spatial orientation, location, light, and sound. Other times, I respond to a space or location that I come upon by chance. It asks to be transformed or fulfilled. And through the spontaneous dialogue with the chosen material and sensitive spatial compositions, I attempt to deliver it.

As one who comes from the East and lives in the West, I have experienced two distinct and often contradictory value systems. These experiences constantly influence each other, at times create conflicts in my life, yet other times offer great inspirations for my work." — Beili Liu

Born in Jilin, China, Beili Liu now lives and works in Texas, USA, as an Associate Professor at the University of Texas.