Zhang Zhaohui 张朝晖

Zhang Zhaohui creates mesmerising paintings - his abstract black and white geometrical compositions are meticulously created through lines, light and shadows.

As the artist explains:“The use of line in ink and brush painting is the basic method in “traditional Chinese painting”, embodying the delicate and refined aesthetic for working with brush and ink.The line in traditional Chinese painting serves to delineate the image and it lacks independent aesthetic value [...] As retaining classic ink traditions at the centre of the work, I draw on concepts and methods of abstract art, opart, and minimalist art, and while preserving the purity of the basic language of ink I attempt to construct an ink painting of a new look that establishes a conversation with a globalised aesthetic consciousness.

His art has been collected by the Today Art Museum in Beijing, Mingyuan Art Museum in Shanghai and the UTS Art Museum in Sydney, amongst others.