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Zhuang Hong Yi 庄红艺

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Light Blue by Zhuang Hong Yi 庄红艺 Yellow No 1 by Zhuang Hong Yi 庄红艺 Orange Pink No 2 by Zhuang Hong Yi 庄红艺 Purple by Zhuang Hong Yi 庄红艺 Emerald by Zhuang Hong Yi 庄红艺 Multicolor and Stripes by Zhuang Hong Yi 庄红艺

Zhuang Hong Yi 庄红艺

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Hua Gallery, in collaboration with Aria Art Gallery of Florence, is proud to present a collection of new works by Chinese artist, Zhuang Hong Yi. Internationally recognised, Zhuang's work is triggered by a fusion of ying and yang, combining the ancient Chinese tradition with the spirit of western modern aesthetic.

Zhuang Hong Yi's paintings are often characterised by a bold and surprising mix of bright colours and are made of mysterious layers of images. His work is both attractive and seductive, is almost sculptural, given its three dimensional nature, and reflects his desire to evoke in the viewer a magnetism between the tactile and the delicate floral forms. Handmade one by one from rice paper, through vibrant colours that are mixed dynamically between texture and brightness, his paintings provide an environment where renewal and tradition may go hand in hand, creating a dialogue between traditional canons and contemporary conceptualism.

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Zhuang Hong Yi 庄红艺