Biography - Zhuang Hong Yi

1960 - ShiChuan. China 中国四川


Living and working in Holland & BeiJing - China.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:
1993 Gallery Waalkens, Finsterwolde, Netherlands.
1996 Foundation Waalkens, Finsterwolde, Netherlands.
1997 Nanky de Vreez. Amsterdam.NL
1999 Foundation Waalkens, Finsterwolde, Netherlands.
2001 Groninger Museum, Groningen, Netherlands.
2005 Gallery Krijger+Katwijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2007 Gallery Seasons. DenHaag. Netherlands.
“you” gallery, BeiJing.China
2009 C Space Gallery, BeiJing­CN.
Gallerie Ralph Schriever, Koln­Germany.
Museum Zoetermeer. Netherlands
Keszler Gallery, N.Y­USA
2011 White Room Art System, Positano, Italy
Gallery Riger Katwijk, Amsterdam NL.
Seasons gallery. Den hag­NL
2012 Aria Art gallery, Firenze, Italy
Galerie Terminus GmbH, Munchen­Germany.
Gallery Leisly Smith, The Netherlands.
2013 Leslie Sacks Contemporary, California, USA
“Back to Groningen”, Museum de oude wolden­NL
White Room Art System, Capri, Italy
Houses of Art Marbella The Art of finding art, Marbella, Málaga, Spain
“Colors of Nature:Leslie Smith gallery, Amsterdam. NL
Found Museum, BeiJing, China
galerie zum grünen Tür–Switzerland
Martina Kaiser, Köln­Germany
2014 Absolute Art Gallery, Brugge & Knokke, Belgium。
Hua Gallery, London


Selected Group Exhibitions:
1997 Cow­drowing­day, Stichting de Boer Waalkens, Finsterwolde, Netherlands.
1999 Kunsthal Roterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
2001 ChenDu Biennale, ChengDu, China.
2007 “Start from XiNan”, China GuangZhou Museum.
2008 “empty city”ShangHai YuanGong Museum. China
“Art is nothing?” BeiJing 798. China
2009 Art HongKong. HongKong­China
Art Basel Scope. Basel­Switzerland.
Art Hampton’s­New York­Gallery Keszler, New York, U.S.A
Experirnse/Gorgeous, BeiJing­China
2011 Art Pam Beach­U.S.A, Leslie Smith gallery­NL
Art Miami­U.S.A, Leslie Smith gallery­NL
2012 Tefaf. With Leslie Smith gallery­NL
Pan Amsterdam-NL, Leslie Smith gallery-NL
Art Pam Beach-U.S.A, Leslie Smith gallery-NL
Art Miami-U.S.A, Leslie Smith gallery-Nl
Zurich art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland.
2013 Tefaf. with Leslie Smith gallery-NL
Art Pam Beach-U.S.A, Leslie Smith gallery-NL
Art Miami-U.S.A, Leslie Smith gallery-Nl
Fine Art Asia fair, 3812 art space, HongKong
Venice Biennale the parallel show - "China the independent Art Exhibition-never presented sound"
Art Fair Chicago(USA), with gallery Terminus, Munich. Germany




Museum of Si Chuan Fine Art College. - China
Art Center Groningen-NL
Art Center Dordrecht-NL
Peter Stuyversant Collection-NL
Groninger Museum-NL
Fortress –NL

Linde AG Collection-Germany
Sammlung Scholz im KH Köln-Germany
Sammlung Baumeister (Vers. Für Gartenbau)-Germany
Augenzentrum Maus-Germany
Societe Dr, Halbe-Germany
Tagos GMBH-Germany
Sammlung Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KgAA-Germany
Dörnemann Deutsche Bank-Germany
Lidy and Etienne Veen (CH)
Gerard Meulensteen