“We’ve worked with Hua on different projects and have established a great relationship with Dagmar, one of the directors. She has introduced us to some excellent artists and has curated a museum exhibition for us at The Royal Palace in Milan. Hua is very knowledgeable and efficient and we look forward to developing more projects together. “

Andrea Boragno, Chairman and CEO Alcantara S.p.A


"Hua is a professional art advisory whom I have worked with on a large scale commission.  I’ve loved collaborating with them! They are great supporters of contemporary Chinese art and I hope to work with them again soon!" 

Melanie Ouyang Lum, Yuz Museum, Yuz Project Space of Art, Ouyang Art Consultancy


“In working with the Hua team for our project we have been able to achieve an impressive art collection. Hua was able to direct us to artists that not only met the desired aesthetics but also elevated our overarching narrative for the collection. We would be delighted to work with Hua on future collaborations.”

Michelle Cook, Project Lead at Art Advisory Service


"Collaborating with Hua on the exhibition Ed Moses & Qin Feng was a great success. The team was always helpful and efficient, and with Dagmar Carnevale Lavezzoli’s expertise in Chinese language and culture the experience became both an education and a pleasure. Qin Feng himself was a brilliantly charismatic presence for the live performance."

Craig Burnett, Curator, Gallerist, Former Director of Exhibitions at Blain|Southern


“I felt really comfortable being guided through the options by Hua's specialists. Each piece of art is driven by a deep relationship and understanding they build with the artist, and they are able to frame it within the context of what are key the thematics driving the segment and the market ."

  Private collector and International Council Member of the Hammer Museum


"I had the pleasure of working with Dagmar at Hua on an engaging exhibition that was seamless in its execution from start to finish. I also worked with them on private sales. They’re very experienced and connected to some of the best artists in the space. I look forward to more collaborations together!"

Ashley White, Art Advisor, Former Senior Art Consultant at Blain|Southern


“Hua has got a very good eye in selecting the best artworks. They helped me building an extraordinary collection and managed the entire project for me - from art curation to shipping and installing. They also organised for the artist to be on site during installation. Highly professional and friendly to work with.”

Renowned private Asian collector 


“Working with Hua on the Alcantara exhibition at the Royal Palace, Milan has been a great experience as a challenging and unusual project in a superb, historical venue. Dagmar is super-professional and well organised, putting a lot of work into tight collaboration and project management. Hua's work with a diverse range of contemporary artists from China, its professional expansion and creative profile is impressive.”

Dr Katie Hill, Sotheby's Institute of Art, Director in MA in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art 

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