Careers/Call for Artists

We are always interested in hearing from exceptional talents willing to explore opportunities together.



If you are a Chinese artist/designer with a great portfolio of artworks we invite you to share it with us and we will consider it for potential collaborations.





If you are a young talented individual looking to start your career in the art world or world of online commerce and to understand the ins and outs of a modern art business, Hua could be the right place for you.

We're looking for someone with a lot of energy who can come in and take responsibility for some of our critical business processes.

Hua is a digital platform and this makes the internship an incredible opportunity for people at the beginning of their careers. Currently we are looking for an intern to assist with managing and curating our digital marketing channels.
All internship opportunities are offered remotely with regular video checkins with senior management.

Please email your cover letter and CV to


Due to the high volume of enquires we cannot guarantee a prompt reply to everyone, but we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.