Inside the Mind of Artist Qu Leilei....and Happy Holidays


Lan-Chiann Wu, Lantern Festival I, 1999, ink pigment on paper, 94.5x61cm

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Hua Gallery is honoured to delve into Qu Leilei’s mind and share his thoughts about art.

Qu Leilei is globally recognised as one of the founders of Contemporary Chinese Art and is collected by prestigious museums such as The British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum, amongst others. He is currently exhibiting in our online exhibition Silent Revelations - Qu Leilei - The Great Master of Ink, curated by London-based Contemporary Chinese Art Specialist, Dagmar Carnevale Lavezzoli.

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Hua Gallery in conversation with Qu Leilei

Art is essential in your life because… life is unthinkable without it.

Your inspiration comes from... my life and my time and the masterpieces history has given us.

The female body plays an important role in your art because... it’s the most beautiful thing in creation.

Artists from the past who deeply influenced you include… the ancient Greek sculptors, Michelangelo and the Renaissance, Cézanne and the Impressionists.

An artist from the present you look up to is… Anselm Kiefer.

Three words that best capture the essence of art for you are… concept, technique and integrity.

Ink is an ancient medium still employed today because… it’s timeless.

A recent art exhibition you have enjoyed is… Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The best city to appreciate art in is… London.

If you were not an artist you would be… a writer.


Nude 2, 2008, 71x90cm, ink on paper


A thought you would like to share 

The kind of man you are makes the kind of art you produce.

A good artist needs to be well-cultivated because great results come from lots of knowledge, study and hard work. The final art work is like the tip of an iceberg.

In my opinion, art should reflect its time and its people’s living in the here and now; it should set out to find and show a timeless quality, revealing the true meaning of human dignity.

As an artist I don’t want to be either Eastern or Western, likewise I don’t want to be neither of them; in actuality I want to be both.  

Never follow what is fashionable, always be true to myself. Never compare with others, the only thing I need to surpass is myself.

If the artwork is either classic or contemporary that should never be a means  or measure to judge its value; its real weight should lie in whether it is done well.

Qu Leilei


Qu Leilei in his studio



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