Our recent artist trip to Beijing, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Artist Xu Lei with Dagmar Carnevale Lavezzoli, Co-Owner of Hua

QIN FENG - Bridging the  ancient meditation of ink and modern action painting 

Internationally recognised artist  Qin Feng  was one of the first Chinese artists who experimented with and revolutionised the practice of ink in the 1980s. His work has been collected by prominent international museums including The British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, amongst others. Qin Feng is also the founder of MOCA Beijing.

We are pleased to have introduced Qin Feng to  Blain|Southern London. Exhibition date — July 19th to September 14th.



 XU LEI - Blue Dream-Like Visions

 Xu Lei is a globally acclaimed artist who creates delicate paintings by employing traditional tools such as rice paper and ink brush. His work often captures elements from the Song and the Ming dynasties and combines them with modern concepts from Western artists like Rene Magritte, Yves Klein and Marcel Duchamp. Xu Lei has fetched incredible prices at auctions. 

Extraordinary prints by Xu Lei - Now available at  Hua



XUE JIYE - What's behind the surface?

Surrealist artist, Xue Jiye, creates bold, shocking and thought-provoking paintings. His art explores the human condition – a constant struggle for existence within human society. His figures are often bold and nudes, evoking a sense of vulnerability. Xue Jiye is not afraid to portrait that unglamorous side behind the surface...



MAO LIZI - Zen Stillness and Traditional Chinese Techniques

Artist Mao Lizi with Jay Bowles, Co-Owner of Hua

Mao Lizi was a founding member of the avant-garde Stars Group, the group that launched the beginning of contemporary Chinese art at the end of the 1970s. Initially known for his hyper-realistic paintings the artist subsequently developed a unique abstract style, emphasising simplicity as his key feature. Mao Lizi combines Zen stillness and traditional Chinese painting techniques in abstract visions, edging his works into a spiritual realm.



TUNG MIN-CHIN - Human Forms in Wood

Tung Min-Chin's studio close to Taipei. Together with Hua Directors Dagmar Carnevale  Lavezzoli and Jay Bowles.

Tung Min-Chin is a young, talented artist from Taiwan. He creates organic sculptures made of wood. In his artistic research he often explores human forms trapped by external layers, trying to break through the surface.



YAO JUI-CHUNG - Fresh and Vibrant Compositions with a Contemporary Feeling

Yao Jui-Chung is mostly renowned for his striking and vibrant landscapes that stand out from the mainstream avant-garde. In his natural sceneries, Yao combines elements of traditional landscape paintings - shan shui - infused with a modern and fresh energy, creating visions that are aesthetically beautiful and intellectually stimulating.



PAN JIAN - Transforming the Traditional Shan Shui into Contemporary Landscapes of the Mind

Artists Pan Jian with our Director Dagmar Carnevale Lavezzoli

Rising star Pan Jian is a young and dedicated artist who is rapidly gaining international recognition thanks to subtle and mysterious paintings. His work is included in numerous prominent collections such as The Uli Sigg Collection, The DSL Collection and The Yuz Collection by Budi Tek.



CHANG LEI - Hyperrealistic Fragments of  Porcelain and Newspapers

Chang Lei creates hyperrealistic compositions with ink and colour on silk. Broken porcelain and wrinkled newspapers are the subjects of his paintings. The artist looks back at Chinese history with a mixed feeling of pride and shame, challenging the veracity of mass media in a totalitarian regime and the ostentation of cultural heritage for political propaganda. 



CHEN CHE - Nature and Growth

Chen Che's paintings present to the audience a personal, mysterious and unknown world, employing a variety of techniques and media to create an idealised natural landscape rich with meaning and visual pleasure.


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