The Chinese Avant-Garde

18 November 2015

Two works by Hua Gallery artist Qu Leilei continue to be on display at the British Museum. During Asian Art Week in London the works  were unveiled to the public next to The Admonitions Scroll attributed to renowned ancient Chinese master Gu Kaizhi.

Last week, Qu Leilei,  one of the founders of the Stars Group (the very first movement of Contemporary Chinese Art)  held an engaging discussion at the British Museum together with artist Ma Desheng.

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Qu Leilei, together with Ma Desheng  (artist) and Shen Kuiyi (PHD Director of Chinese Studies in University of California), discuss the Chinese avant-garde - the role played by the Stars Group, the very first movement of contemporary Chinese art in 1979. Their artistic creations were calling for freedom of expression and paved the way to the creativity of today’s art.


The Stars Group advocated democracy in politics and freedom in art. In a brave and courageous protest they demonstrated in the name of human dignity, supporting the importance of independent thought. What the Stars Group achieved in that period remains a pillar in the history of our modern times. 


One of the reasons Qu Leilei is regarded as one of the most talented artists in contemporary Chinese art is his ability to constantly explore new artistic themes and forms. From his pure and simple drawings created during the Stars Group (image above) he has developed a wide range of work, reaching the apex of beauty in his exquisite Nudes and Hands series (images below)


Strength, 2013, 91x140cm, ink on paper


Hua Gallery’s exhibition of works by Qu Leilei, Silent Revelations - Qu Leilei - The Great Master of Ink, is currently exhibiting online at Hua Gallery until January 8th, 2016. The exhibition is curated by Contemporary Chinese Art Specialist, Dagmar Carnevale Lavezzoli. A private viewing of the show as well as a special tour of Qu Leilei’s works at the British Museum is available by appointment. Please contact us at



Nude 4, 2019, 91x170cm, ink on paper

View Online Exhibition



Nude 6, 2014, 170x91cm, ink on paper



Nude 9, 2014, 170x91cm, ink on paper


Through a skilful use of ink and brush on paper, Qu Leilei generates a magnificent Renaissance effect, resulting in poignant paintings where East and West, past and present, tradition and avant-garde are harmoniously fused in the same visual space.

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Hua Gallery’s Artist Xu Yong unveils Powerful Photographs interactive with Smartphones

Witnessing a period of turmoil, Xu Yong’s ‘Negatives’ are gaining international recognition.

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Chinese Taxi Driver turned Billionaire bought Modigliani Painting

One of China’s most powerful art collectors, owner of the Long Museum in Shanghai, Mr. Liu Yiqian, paid $170.4 million for Modigliani’s nude.

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Art is like Sex, says Ai Weiwei

Worldwide acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei tells German university students his vision, challenging to define, of art.

View Ai Weiwei’s current exhibition at London’s Royal Academy of Arts



Hong Kong Debut for M+ Museum’s Founding Collection

Exhibition from the Sigg Collection of Chinese contemporary art coincides with show in Switzerland.

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