A New Wind of Economics

Sheng Qi 盛奇 · 11 September 2013 to 07 November 2013

Hua Gallery is delighted to host the exhibition of firmly established artist Sheng Qi at Playboy Club in Mayfair. In his expressive and symbolic paintings, Sheng Qi conjures up scenes encapsulating the economic and social transformations affecting China today. By portraying seductive young ladies and handsome young men staring at the audience with either a single note or a large fan of money, the artist plays with the multiple meanings of the word ‘fan’: ‘fan’ as in an object to flutter and ‘fan’ as in devotee, in this case a devotee of economic development. Using ‘fan’ as an object to flutter is here suggesting that a new wind is being generated. It is a wind of economics. By painting this series, Sheng Qi is neither criticising nor praising Chinese rampant development. He's bringing attention to an objective reality, leaving the viewers free to interpret the work according to their own sensibilities.

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