Chen Che 陈澈

Science and technology play very important roles in this modern world, and as a result the relationship between human beings and nature are increasingly alienated. Guocheng Chen believes that deep inside, one has a utopian dream of nature that may be mysterious, unknown, and even full of fear and that will fight with persecutions and besetments for the real and natural life.

Guocheng Chen’s paintings present to the audience a personal, mysterious and unknown world, utilizing a variety of techniques and media to create an idealized natural landscape rich with meaning and visual pleasure. Exploring the boundaries between figuration and abstraction, memories and dreams, Guocheng Chen’s paintings comment on the relationship between reality and imagination.

Guocheng Chen’s light dappled and crackling paintings are the works of a consummate technician and passionate observer. The paintings are first notable for their aesthetically pleasing auras and quickly become immersive, as Guocheng Chen walks the line between the objective and the abstract. His paintings ask us to see the world again, in their curious dialogue between realism and expressionism, presenting the visual pleasure of the picturesque and the emergent unknown threats of the natural world. Exploring the surreal, the paintings investigate the relationship between reality and imagination, the ideal and the contingent.