Qi Lei 祁磊

Fresh talent and rising star Qi Lei is rapidly gaining international attention. He graduated from the oil painting department at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2014.
Inspired by the ancient Chinese tradition of landscape painting as well as Matisse’s and Hockney’s vibrant palette, Qi Lei’s practice of complementary colours and sublime compositions capture the relationship between natural elements and man-made objects, mostly concealing the presence of humans. His paintings are created through soft brushstrokes and vivid colouring, conveying a sense of liveliness and freshness.
Qi Lei's work has been collected by Deji Art Museum (Nanjing), ARTMIA Foundation (Beijing), and Gome Art Foundation (Hong Kong). He has exhibited in different venues, including  MoCA   Shanghai, ARTMIA Foundation (Beijing) and Gome Art Foundation (Hong Kong).