Qin Feng 秦风

Qin Feng was born in the wild region of Xinjiang in 1963.

He is a globally recognised artist, regarded as a key figure of the China Avant-garde movement. He was one of the first Chinese artists who experimented with the practice of ink in the 1980s.

His work has been collected by major international museums such as The British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The United Nations,The Boston Museum of Fine Arts and The Louisiana Museum in Denmark, amongst others. He is also the founder of the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art.

Qin Feng’s emotional and explosive works blend the energy of the Abstract Expressionism and the sense of movement and transformation of Eastern philosophy Taoism. They bridge the ancient Chinese meditation of ink with the modern practice of action painting.

Qin Feng often merges the use of coffee and tea as a metaphor to blend Western and Eastern cultures.