Tao Han 陶晗


Born in 1993 in Ji Lin, China, Tao Han now lives in Milan. 

Tao Han has studied at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, Shandong Academy of Painting, Florence Academy of Fine Arts and Brera Fine Arts Academy.

Tao Han’s artistic research is focused on seeking balance between order and chaos, creating intriguing and mesmerising shapes reminiscent of what Carl Gustav Jung defined as “archetypes” - the idea of pre-existing forms which are part of our collective unconscious and possess an emotional force. 

Influenced by both Western and Eastern philosophies his work is imbued with a Dionysian spirit and a Laozian sense of harmony. Tao Han’s artworks are a meditation on  the destiny of man, not seen as a single individual but rather as an element of the universe, which is in continuous transformation. 

His enigmatic shapes may look abstract at first glance but are rather conceived by the artist as a system of symbols and codes that can guide the viewer through an exploration of archaic patterns.

Tao Han’s practice also bears influences of great classical Chinese masters such as Guo Xi, Fan Kuan and Huang Gongwang as well as Western artists like Rembrandt and Rothko. In coding and de-coding his primitive forms Tao Han also pays tribute to contemporary artists like Gu Wenda and Xu Bing.