Biography - Art Toys

Yue Minjun

Born in Heilongjiang Province of china in 1962. Yue Minjun graduated from Fine Art Department of Hebei Normal University. He is considered as one of the most important characters among the school of “Cynical Realism”. The creation of his works is mostly based on the blueprint of his own portrait with an expression always giggling in a foolish smile.  Behind this main master of a simpered face, we see how he looks and evaluates the value of self-existence by this great humorous compassion.  More or less his works also make us start to wonder the heart sore atmosphere and the hollowness from this commercial society. 


Zhou Chunya

Born at Chongqing of China in 1955. Zhou Chunya first attended at Sichuan Fine Art Institute and then graduated from Liberal Art Department of Kassel University in German. He is considered as one who knows how to master the colors best among those dynamic artists in the field of Chinese contemporary art. His works are combination of expressionism and traditional Chinese technique. Under each brush of shapes and colors, you can tell all the emotion he depicts in his paintings. The most noted collection - the “Green Dog Series”- was inspired by his beloved pet Heigan. Creating with his life and his love, we see his delicate sensibility without left in his art works.


Liu Ye

Born at Beijing City in 1964. Liu Ye studied at Beijing Craft and Art School and then he graduated with a master’s degree from The Berlin University of Art. He is known as an oil painter that floats between traditional east oil painting techniques and west abstract ones. By being profoundly influenced from Chinese idea and western master - Piet Cornelies Mondrian, Liu Ye is good at using adorable cartoon figures to communicate and create a certain illusion. Behind the adorable beauties, he depicts the words of viciousness, contradiction and conflict of human natures - An illusion of portraying the actual dark sides underneath flawlessness.


Zhou Tiehai

Born in Shanghai of China in 1966. Zhou Tiehai graduated from the Art School of Shanghai University. He is titled as “the accelerator among Chinese Contemporary art” for the record he was awarded a scholarship of CCAA (China Contemporary Art Award) from Swiss-China Contemporary Art Association in 1998. The most vivid icon he has is the inspiration provoked from a cigarette box sold in Hong Kong - a camel with a pair of sunglasses that is unwilling to look steadily at this world. By telling and directing his assistants meanwhile let them brush and draw on the canvas, his unique way of completing his art works is also quite original to be recognized.


Jin Nu

Born at Qinhuangdao City in Hebei Province of China in 1984. Jin Nu studied at Sculpture Department of China Central Academy of Fine Art. She is considered as one of the cynosure artists in China after 1980. Born in a generation without somber historical memories and responsibilities or a fundamental base of abundant life experiences, Jin Nu has her art works a whole new chapter for Chinese art by unceasingly self learning and absorbing.  Most of her works carry with a visual expression of sentimental beauty, the style is described as a characterization of new generation self-awareness ruminated from the accumulation of their childhood memoir of fairy tales.