Biography - Chang Lei


Chang Lei was born in 1976 in Jinan. He lives and works in Beijing. He was previously a member of a rock band and has also created performance art. Currently his focus is on both painting and photography.


1992 Xu Beihong Fine Arts High School, Jinan, Shandong Province
1997 Environmental Art Design, Jianshe University, Beijing


2014 Tainted Beauty, Hua Gallery, London, UK
2013 Like Thunder Out of China, Arsenal Montréal and Arsenal Toronto, Canada
2012 [UN]Forbidden City, Macro Museum, Rome, Italy
Season Opening – China the new Beijing. Galerie Daniel Tanner, Zurich, Switzerland
Hole-Fear. Contemporary Artistic Exhibition, 798 Yizhuo Space, Beijing, China
2011 Vous avez dit Révolution?, Commissaire de l’exposition, Paris, France
2008 Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition Literature, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China
2007 Breathe - A grand contemporary artistic exhibition, Shandong Museum, Jinan, China
2005 An exhibition of Chinese Art every third year, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China
An exhibition of Metaphoric Objects and Mirror Image art, 798 Art Space Beijing, China
2004 The second edition of personal album The Setting Sun
Rock music concert Who is Singing in the Spring, What Bar, Beijing, China.
Poem novel, Mr. The Setting Sun
2003 An exhibition of 1+1 performance art, Jinan Shandong “1+1”Club
The Setting Sun a solo album was released
2002 Performance art show Sacrifice again. JiangShuiquan Park, Jinan, China
Forest, Water, Air- Modern art exhibition, JiangShuiquan Park, Jinan, China
Music performance Havana, Havana bar, Jinan, China
2001 May with Passion - a night of rock and roll, DaShun Square, Jinan, China