Biography - Gordon Cheung

Born 1975 London– lives and works in London |

1999-2001 Royal College of Art - MA Fine Art Painting
1995-1998 Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design - BA(Hons) Fine Art in Painting


Solo Exhibitions
2011 The Light that Burns Twice as Bright, Alan Cristea Gallery, London
2010 The Sleeper Awakes, Other Gallery, Shanghai, China
Altered States, Arizona State University Museum, USA (curated by Heather Lineberry/Marilyn Zeitlin)
2009 Gordon Cheung, ROOM Artspace, London
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall UK
The Promised Land, Jack Shainman Gallery New York
Volta NY, Solo presentation with Unosunove Gallery and Galerie Adler
2008 Wilderness of Mirrors, Galerie Adler, Frankfurt, Germany
Death By a Thousand Cuts, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester
The Fall of the Rebel Angels, Alan Cristea Gallery, London
Gordon Cheung, Kirkby Gallery, Liverpool, UK
2007 God is on Our Side, Unosunove Gallery, Rome Italy (curated by Raffaella Guidobono)
Paradise Lost, Laing Art Solo Commission, Newcastle (selected by Susan May)
The 1000 Yard Stare, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth UK
Gordon Cheung – Recent Paintings, Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham, UK
2006 Heart of Darkness, Thomas Cohn Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil (cat.)
2003 Hollow Sunsets, Houldsworth Gallery, London
2002 Sprawl, DomoBaal Gallery, London


Selected Exhibitions
2011 40 ARTISTS - 80 DRAWINGS,The Burton Art Gallery and Museum, Biddeford, Devon UK
Future Can Wait, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, USA
From Here to Eternity, Larm Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark
John Martin, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle – co-curated by Tate and Tyne and Wear Archive and Museums
John Martin – Painting the Apocalypse, Millenium Gallery, Sheffield – co-curated by Tate and Tyne and Wear Archive and Museums
Public Enemy Number 1, Exhibit 320, New Dehli, India (curated by Shaheen Merali)
Difference Engine Manifestation III, Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center, New York USA
1, Edel Assanti Gallery, London
2010 400 Women, Shoreditch Town Hall, London (touring internationally)
Recent aquisitions, Knoxville Art Museum, Tennessee, USA
Wasteland, White Box, New York (curated by Raul Zamudio)
We the Artists, National Museum and Art Gallery, Trinadad and Tobago (curated by Nicolette Ramirez)
Public Enemy Number 1, Exhibit 320, new Dehli India (curated by Shaheen Merali)
Saving Africa's Witch Children, Saatchi Gallery (charity event)
Novelles du Jour, Galerie JTM, Paris France
Can you Hear it, Nunnery Gallery, London UK curated by Franko B
Difference Engine: Manifestation II, The Black Mariah/Triskel
Eleven, Alan Cristea Gallery, London
Premio Lissone, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lissone, Italy
The Pavilion of Realism, Other Gallery, Shanghai and Beijing, China
Reich Sein, Künstlerverein Walkmühle e.V., Wiesbaden, Germany
Resurrectine, The Feldman Gallery, New York, USA
Difference Engine: Manifestation II, The Black Mariah/Triskel, Ireland
501 UP, Zero Gallery, London UK
Can you Hear it, Nunnery Gallery, London UK curated by Franko B
SURFACE WARP FACTOR, The Aubin Gallery, London UK Curated by Fieldgate Gallery
Beijing Biennale, Beijing Museum, China 
Superunknown, Edel Assanti Gallery, London UK
2009 The Future Can Wait, Truman Brewery, London – Curated by Ellis Rumley Productions
Gordon Cheung and Jonathan Seliger, Nassau Museum of Art, New York
PS: Parsing Spirituality, Affirmation Arts, New York City, USA Curated by Micaela Giovannotti
Projections, Carré d'Art - Museum of Contemporary Art, Nimes France
Unfold, Nettie Horn Gallery, London
Fault Line - Art in the Age of Anxiety, Nunnery Gallery, curated by Sarah Elson
Drawing Biennale 2009, Drawing Room Gallery, London
Painting the Glass House: Artists Revisit Modern Architecture, Curated by Jessica Hough and Mónica Ramírez-Montagut, Mills College Art Museum, California USA
New London School, Galerie Schuster, Berlin - curated by Zavier Ellis and Simon Rumley
40 Artists - 80 Drawings, The Drawing Gallery, Shropshire UK
Fresh out of the box, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall UK
Lure and Seducer, Gallery Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark
R O O M Collaborators, ROOM Gallery, London
Reconstructing the Old House, The Nunnery Gallery, London (curated by Benet Spencer – UK tour)
The Art of Survival, Human Rights Art Auction event, Maddox Arts, London
2008 Maddox Arts Summer Show, Maddox Arts, London UK
The Golden Record, Collective Gallery, Edingburgh Scotland
FUTUREBLUEPERFECT - Cafe Gallery Projects, London - Clare Goodwin & Liz Murray 
Éigse Carlow Arts Festival 2008 - We Don't Need Nobody Else - Curated by Rob Lowe 
JERWOOD CONTEMPORARY PAINTERS, Jerwood Space, Union Street, London - touring UK (cat.)
Psychadelic, San Antonio Art Museum, Texas USA (Curated by David S. Rubin (cat.))*
Painting the Glass House, Aldrich Museum and Yale Museum, Connecticut, USA
(Curated: Jessica Hough and Monica Ramirez Montagut (cat.))
2007 Currents: Recent Acquisitions, Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Washington USA - Curated by Anne Ellegood
Art Basel 38, Switzerland, Alan Cristea Gallery , London
STILL LIFE, STILL, T 1+2 Gallery, London UK - Curated by Hugh Mendes
THE FUTURE CAN WAIT - The Atlantis gallery, London UK
The Lucifer Effect, Gallery Primo Alonso, London UK - Curated by Gordon Cheung
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London UK
Second Life, Portman Gallery, London - Curated by Dean Kenning
Detour, The Arts Director Club, New York - Curated by Raffaella Guidobono
Drawing from History: Permanent Collection and Loans, ASU Art Museum, Arizona USA
Fash n Riot, Photographer's Gallery, London
Drawing 2007, Drawingroom Project, Tannery, London UK
Blood Meridian, Michael Janssen Galerie, Berlin, Germany (Curated by David Hunt)
Arrivals/Departures, URBIS Museum, Manchester (Curated: Sally Lai and Yuen Fong Ling)
Near Dark, Donna Beam Gallery, Las Vegas USA (Curated by Neal Rock)
New Life and the Dream Garden, Fieldgate Gallery, London UK
2006 Alan Cristea Editions, Alan Cristea Gallery, London (cat.)
M*A*S*H, Design district, Miami (Curated by David Hunt and Michael Sellinger)
Fresh, Museum of Glass – Centre of Contemporary Art, Washington, USA (Curated: Juli Cho (cat.))
John Moores 24 Painting Prize Finalist, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Biennial, UK (Selected by Tracey Emin, Sir Peter Blake, Jason Brookes, Ann Bukantas and Andrea Rose)
The Stars Down to Earth, Nunnery Gallery, London (Curated by Andrew Hunt (cat.))
10th Planet, A04 Business Complex, London (Curated by Julian Hughes Watts)
Stéphane Janssen: The Collector, Amarillo Museum of Art, Texas, USA
ASU Collection, Arizona State University Art Museum, Arizona, USA
Continental Breakfast, Umetnostna Galerija Maribor Museum, Slovenia
Jerusalem, Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax (Curated by David Hancock)
Crave, Rawspace, London (Curated by Raffaella Guidobono)
The Sleep of Reason, The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
Broken Romanticism, Standpoint Gallery (Curated by Steve Walter)
Drawing 200, Drawingroom Project, Tannery, London
2005 BRITISH ART SHOW 6, BALTIC, Gateshead (Touring UK – Curated by Alex Farquharson and Andrea Schlieker; organised by Hayward Gallery (cat.))
New London Kicks, Wooster Projects, New York (Curated by Simon Rumley and Ed Burke)
Art News, Raid Projects, LA
NLK (in association with Armory Show), Soho House, New York
ARCO Art Fair - Independents, Houldsworth Gallery, Madrid (Curated by Contemporary Magazine)
Faux Realism, Royal Academy Pumphouse Gallery, London
2004 Caution: Uneven Surfaces, Temporary Contemporary, London
Art News, Three Colts Gallery, London 
Zoo Art Fair, London (with Flaca Gallery)
Thermo 04, Lowry Museum, Salford
Le Petit Paysage, Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool (Toured UK nationally)
Apopalyptical, Houldsworth Gallery, London
Collage, Bloomberg Space, London


Yes, I am a Long Way from Home, Nunnery, London (cat.)
Toured: Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury and Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland 
Intervention, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton 
Drawing 100, Drawingroom Project, Tannery, London
(feat. Julian Opie, Paul Noble, Langlands and Bell, Rachel Whiteread and others)
Trans-, Kyoto Art Centre, Japan
ArtFutures, Contemporary Art Society, London
Portal-, Studio J, Osaka, Japan


Unscene, Gasworks, London (cat.)
2001 CD1, Marlborough Fine Arts, London (cat.)
2000 Assembly, Stepney City, London – Curator and organiser (cat.)

Awards and Residencies
2010 Premio Lissone Finalist, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lissone, Italy
2007 Artes Mundi Prize 3 Nomination, Selected by Isabel Carlos and Bisi Silva
2006 Braziers International Artists Workshop, UK (cat.)
DeciBel Award Finalist, Judges: Okwui Enwezor, David Thorp, Sally Tallant, and others
2005 Hong Kong and China Research Research Trip - Funded by ACE and A-n
Arts Council of England Individual Arts Award
2004 BOC Emerging Artist Award Finalist -
(Selected by Sarah kent, Karen Wright, Marcus Harvey, Roy Exley)
Pizza Express Prospects Prize Finalist, Tea Building, London
(Selected by Tim Marlow, Fiona Bradley, Simon Groom, Graham Gussin and Rachel Lowe)
Jerwood Drawing Prize Finalist – (Toured UK (cat.))
Breathe Residency, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester
2003 Triangle Arts Trust International Artist Fellowship- Nominated by Gasworks Gallery
VASL Residency, Pakistan (cat.)
Arts Council England International Art Award
British Council International Arts Award
Diffuse Asia, Kyoto Art Centre Residency, Japan
Lexmark European Painting Prize Finalist, London
2000 Socrates Travel Award for Berlin
John Minton Travel Award for Paris
TI Travel Award for Budapest
Paris Studio Residency, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
The Gilchrist-Fisher Award Finalist, Rhg, London (inc catalogue)
1999 Space Studio Residency 98/99, Space Studios, Old Street, London
1998 Arte Viva, Residency and competition - Painting First PrizeWinner, Italy 
(Judges: Enzo Cucchi and Pomodoro Giacometti)

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Selected Collections

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, USA
Whitworth Art Museum, Manchester UK
ASU Art Museum, Arizona, USA
Knoxville Art Museum, Tennessee, USA
New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall, UK
Speed Art Museum, Kentucky USA
Progressive Arts Collection, USA
UBS Collection, London UK
Hiscox Collection, London UK
Royal College of Art, London UK
Central Saint Martins University of Arts, London UK
Stephane Janssen
Imogen and Elspeth Turner Collection
Noam Gottesman
Mikki Weithorn
Patrick Duffy and Wally Goodman
Peter Noble
Mimi Floback
Richard Akagawa

Plus various international private and corporate collections.