Biography - Han Zhongren

1962 – Present

1981 Fine Art degree from Anshan Secondary Normal School in Liaoning province

1982 Painting degree from Anshan Workers Vocational University in Liaoning province

1991 Bachelor’s degree in Painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (“CAFA”) in China

Exhibitions and Provenance

Report Exhibition of Studio 4 of the Painting Department of CAFA, 1988s

Work acquired by the National Art Museum of China, 1988

Ancient Observatory Art Exhibition in Beijing, 1990

Beijing Art Museum Group Exhibition (Han Zhongren, Wang Qiang, Song Xiewei and Yao Xiaoquan), 1990.Exhibiting work acquired by Beijing Art Museum.

Exhibition in Beijing Great Wall Art Museum. Exhibiting work acquired by Beijing Great Wall Art Museum, 1990

CAFA 1987 Grade Graduates Works Exhibition, 1990. Exhibiting work acquired by CAFA Show House

Solo exhibition at the CAFA Gallery, Han Zhongren’s Modern Art Exhibition, 1991 The First China Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, Harvard University, 1991

Art Works Exhibition in Guomao Gallery in Beijing, 1991

China’s First Painting Biennale in National Art Museum of China, 1993

China’s Modern Art Exhibition in Berlin, Germany, 1994

1st Modern Art Invitational Exhibition in Daopu Visual Art Center, Beijing, 2002

Invitational Exhibition of Small Paintings of Still Life in Beijing Daopu Visual Art Center, 2003

China’s Contemporary Painting Exhibition in the Art Center of China National Museum, 2005

Exchange Exhibition of China’s Contemporary Drawing in Beijing Changfugong Hote, 2007

Fusion•Digestion and Invitational Exhibition of China’s Contemporary Painting in 798 Space, 2007

Invitational Exhibition of China’s Contemporary Famous Artists in Weifang Museum in Shandong Province

Work acquired by the Weifang Museum of China, 2007

Invitational Exhibition of China Contemporary Artists held in Stars Fine Art Museum, Beijing. Works acquired by the Museum, 2009

Asian Art Expo in China World Trade Center, Beijing, 2009

Group Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Gehua Art Museum, Beijing, 2010

China’s Art Week for Shanghai World Expo., in the Exhibition Center of the Expo, 2010

Han ZhongRen (born 1962) is establishing his name in Beijing as an important contemporary artist, with several of his works already acquired into the collections of various national art museums across China.

In this series of abstract paintings by Han Zhongren, the artist conveys his emotions on the beauty of nature, life and vitality, and its sharp contrast with the life as he knows it in Beijing, a place now far from the natural world, an amalgamation of concrete, pollution, and traffic as it embraces industrialism and economic growth. The explosive use of colours and the strong, powerful brush strokes very much demonstrate his strong feelings on the clash of the natural and unnatural.