Biography - Qu Leilei

Qu Leilei was born in 1951 in Hei Long Jiang province China. He lives and works in London.

Qu Leilei was a founding member of the Stars
Group, the first ever contemporary art movement to
appear in China creating a new challenging artistic language.

Regarded as one of China’s leading contemporary artists, in
recent years, he has created four major
projects in form of a combination of paintings and
installations: The First Half of My Life, Here and
Now - to Face a New Century, Everyone's Life is
An Epic and Brush, Ink, Light,Shadow.


These have been exhibited both nationally and internationally
at venues including the Venice Biennale, the Beijing
Biennale, the Ashmolean Museum,and
the China National Art Gallery.

His works comprise a blend of classical Chinese and
Western art techniques combined with modern concepts.

In unison these pieces reflect the artist's deep concern
for humanity in particular today's people and the
conditions in which we all live.

His work has been collected by prominent institutions such as The
British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum,
The Ashmolean Museum, China’s National Gallery, Barclays Bank, amongst others.

Since childhood he has always been a practitioner of Chinese calligraphy and
has published seven books three of which are concerned with calligraphy.
He lectures in classic and modern Chinese Art, at the British Museum, the Victoria
& Albert, the Royal Academy of Arts, London University, Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

1951 Born in Hei Long Jiang, China . (1955 Whole family moved to Beijing)
1958 - 1964 Studied traditional Chinese Painting and Calligraphy under Mr Tan Wan Cun ( Mr Tan studied under Qi Bai Shi and Tian Shi Guang )
1973 on wards self educated in Western Art from Renaissance to post modern and traditional Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
1977- 1978 Studied human anatomy at Beijing Medical University
1986 -1988 Central School of art London where he studied under Mr Cecil Collins
1989 - today freelance artist

2015 ‘Hand Series and Lei Feng’, British Museum, London
‘Silent Revelations’, Hua Gallery, London, solo show
2014 ‘Modern Brush and Ink’, Frank Page Gallery, Geneva, solo show
2011 'Brush Ink Light Shadow' , The National Art Museum of China, Beijing, solo show
2009 Leda Fletcher Gallery, Geneva, solo show
2008 ‘Brush, Ink, Light, Shadow' Littleton&Hennessy Asian Art, New York, solo show
2007 'Brush Ink Light Shadow', Leda Fletcher Gallery, Shanghai, solo show
2006 Campbell Gallery, South Kensington London, solo show
2005 The 2nd BEIJING BIANNALE, Beijing China
‘Everyone's Life is an Epic 'One-man Show, The Ashmolean
Museum, Oxford
2004 Blunden Oriental, 'Art on Paper' Royal College of Art, London
2003 Joint Exhibition with Caroline Deane, The Aldeburgh Gallery, Suffolk
2002 Galerie Leda Fletcher, Geneva, solo show
2001 The Paragon, The Cape of Good Hope Gallery, Singapore, solo show
49th BIENNALE DI VENZIA Venezia, Italy
2000 Galerie Leda Fletcher, Geneva, solo show
[Art Towards Reconciliation] Guernica Museum,Spain
The 'Stars' 20th Anniversary Exhibition,Tokyo, Japan
1999 'Here and Now - to Face a New Century’, solo show,
The Trueman Brewery Gallery London's East End
48th BIENNALE DI VENEZIA Venezia, Italy
'Nude', The Redfern Gallery, London, solo show
1998 'Chinese Contemporary Art' Mountboron Castle, France
[5000+1] Bilbao, Spain
1997 Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London, solo show
'Far From Shore' Pitshanger Manor and Gallery, London
1996 'Contemporary Chinese Art' Gallery Asur, Oslo, Norway
'Fine Chinese Work of Art' Christie's, Paris
1995 Join Exhibition, The Blue Gallery, London
1993 'East Going West' Tricycle Gallery, London, solo show
1992 'Linear Rhythm' Calligraphy Exhibition, The Central Gallery
Covent Garden, London, solo show
1991 Barclays Business Centre, Covent Garden, London, solo show
1989 'Never Forget' Pompidou Centre, Paris
The 'Stars' 10th Anniversary, Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong and Tai Pei
1988 'Artists and Places' Barclays Business Centre, Covent Garden London
1987 'Contemporary Chinese Art' Royal Festival Hall, London
1986 'East Meet West' Joint Exhibition, Holland Gallery, London
1985 'National Ceramics' Exhibition, Beijing, China
1980 The 'Stars' Exhibition 2, Beijing, China
1979 The 'Stars' Exhibition 1, Beijing, China

1999 - today - President, Chinese Brush Painters Society, UK
1990 - today - Lecturer : Classical and Contemporary Chinese Art
Mary Ward Centre, London
Ruskin School of Art, Oxford
Chinese Brush Painters Society, UK
SOAS / Christie's Institute, London
Sotheby's Institute, London
Buckinghamshire Education Centre, Gt. Missenden
The Victoria & Albert Museum, London
The British Museum, London
The British Library, London
Swan Hellenic
The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Royal Academy of Arts, London

2007 Complete Guide of Chinese Calligraphy CICO Books
2006 Tao of Sketching CICO Books
2004 Chinese Calligraphy - Standard Script For Beginners The British Museum Press
2004 TaiChi CICO Books
2003 Chinese Brush Painting CICO Books
2002 Chinese Calligraphy CICO Books
1996 A Visual Diary by Qu LeiLei LL Books