Biography - Wang Ai

Wang Ai was born in 1971 in Huangyan, Zhejiang Province, PRC. He currently lives and works in Beijing.

Wang Ai is a poet, artist and fiction writer. During his youth he learned art and poetry under the influence of his father and older brother. He began publishing poetry in the mid-to-late Eighties and in the early Nineties he worked for an animation company in Shenzhen. In 1994 he moved to Beijing and resided in the Yuanmingyuan Artists Village. During the Nineties he won poetry prizes and co-edited the independent poetry journals Biaozhun (Standards) and Shiyi (Poetic Craft). He also wrote a full-length novel Sijiao-chaotian (Four Feet Turned Skyward) and a collection of novellas entitled Sheshi-wushidu (50 Degrees Centigrade). His poetry collections include Qingrou de yuyan (Svelte Discourses), Meng de gaikuo (Encapsulation of Dreams) and long poems Kuanghuanjie (Carnival) and Hailuoyin shidai (Age of Heroin). After 2000 he wrote the poetic suite Nanfang (Southland). He has also written more than ten pieces of art criticism.


Journeyman Artist- Wang Ai Solo Exhibition, Huitong Contemporary Gallery, Beijing
No Contrivance No Reins, Contemporary Culture and Art Exhibition Century Altar Exhibition Space, Beijing
Shuffling The Cards: The 6 Round, Kammerhof, Gunmden, Austria
The first 70 ink painting exhibition, JinLing Art Center, Nanjing

Wedge (the second time), Contemporary Art Exhibition ,Mirror Gallery, Beijing
Castle Resident Art Project - Wang Ai Paper Shows, Vichtenstei, Austria
SHUFFLING THE CARDS 3rd Round, Hipp Hulle Gunmden, Salzburg, Austria
Art And Fashion Copais Fashion Industrial , Shen Zhen
Wedge - Young Artists Exhibition, Sui feng Art Gallery , Beijing
Special Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artists, Tokyo Chinese Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
Asia Contemporary Art Show, JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong
Encounter Taipei: Contemporary Poets’ Painting Exhibition, STARTS’ Studio, Taipei

The First Contemporary Art ‘Weibo’ Exhibition, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing
Echoes of The Sea: Chinese Contemporary Poet Art Exhibition, Fangyuan Gallery, Qingdao
Ibn Battuta - Inspirations After 7th Century, Chinese Artists Paint the Spirit Moroccan, People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Beijing
Shuffling The Cards: Chinese Contemporary Art Reloaded, Hilger BROTKunsthalle, Vienna, Austria
Fidgety: Art Exhibition, Mirror Gallery, Beijing
Northern Latitude 39.8 N, Mirror Gallery, Beijing
Beyond, Babu Space Shenzhen, Beijing
The 1005th Friday, NO.1 Shao Garden, Fuzhou
A Picture -14 Contemporary Artists’ Invitation Exhibition, Mirror Gallery, Beijing
N Degree of Sight. Graphics meets Cars, Chongqing Shangchao Gallery, Chongqing
Calm, Red Gate Avant Guard Art Exhibition, Red Gallery, Fuzhou

Lexical Field, Shenzhen
Poetic School , Chinese Contemporary Poet Painting Exhibition, Yu Ao Contemporary International Art Center, Chongqing
The Poetry Sound Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Across the Straights, Fujian Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Fujian

Rhetoric - Chinese Contemporary Poets Painting Exhibition, Chuncui Art Space, Beijing
Width 2, Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery, Bejing

Focus on Water and Ink-Chinese and India International Water and Ink Exhibition, Taj Mahal Gallery, New Delhi India
Structure and Deconstruction, Capital Art Center, Taipei
Location - Oil Painting Exhibition, Wenjin International Art Center, Beijing

Writing Painting, Ying Gallery, Beijing
Pattern - 1001 Gallery, Shenzhen
Chinese Contemporary Poet Art Exhibition, Central Fine Art Academy, Beijing
Chinese Contemporary Youth Painting Exhibition, Mayor’s Gallery, Austria, Austria

The First Biennale of Chinese Character, Chinese Character Space, Beijing
Free Riding, Studio Open Exhibition, Huantie Yixian Space, Beijing
Violation, Huantie Art Museum, Beijing
Chinese Most Promising Young Artists Exhibition, RAAB Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Chinese Character, Chinese Character Space, Beijing
Inserting Poems, Chinese Contemporary Poets Painting Exhibition, Beijing XinRui Art Planning Space, Beijing/Yishihousu Gallery, Nanjing

Secrete Speed Up, Huantie Art Zone Group Exhibition, Mocha Space, Beijing
Beijing Background, Dashanzi International Art Festival, Huantie ArtZone, Beijing