Biography - Yi Xuan

1965 - Present


Exhibitions and Provenance

The First 1990s’ Works of Art Biennial Exhibition of China (Guangzhou), 1992

Exhibition, Anchor in Xiamen Harbor, of Contemporary Art (China’s European Art Center), 2003

A Dialogue Show, Chat and Chat, among Contemporary Artists of China and of Belgium, 2004

Yi Xuan’s Personal Abstract Art Exhibition, Spiritual Flash (Beijing International Art Exhibition), 2006

Inner ZEN, Yi Xuan’s Abstract Art Exhibition (Front For Shanghai International Culture Association), 2007

Songzhuang Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzuang, Beijing, China, 2007

Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, Gehua Art Center, Beijing, 2008

Power . Shape, International Contermporary Art Invitational Exhibition (Bridge Art Center , Beijing,China), 2008

Beijing Left-Right International Art Festival, 2008

Chinesischer Wind, Die chinesische abstrakte Kunst bei der Globalisierung (Deutsch-Chinesischer Freundschaftsverein e.v.Ludwigsfelde), 2008

Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition (Hangzhou Art Museum ,China), 2009

Meditation & Conversation, Yi Xuan Art & ZEN Solo Show (VSC Red Mill Gallery , Vermont , U.S.A), 2009


Yi Xuan (born 1965) is acknowledged in China as an inspirational and spiritual contemporary artist. Yi Xuan has recently held successful solo exhibitions within China, and is receiving strong interest from within China, and increasingly from Europe and the US.


Yi Xuan’s art is created during hours of deep Buddhist meditation. His paintings emerge from a deep space, and his art is inspired during a state of Zen. There is a beautiful, chaotic yet peaceful movement in his paintings, and a profound depth, calm and serenity to them that the artist hopes will speak to one’s inner being and soul.