Interwoven Abstractions - Gao Brothers & Le Guo

27 January - 8 May 2016

Presenting brand new works by the globally recognised Gao Brothers and up and coming fresh talent Le Guo, this exhibition offers a glimpse into the beauty and vibrant energy of contemporary Chinese abstraction, may it be photography or painting. Despite the diversity of their backgrounds and the media they employ, the artists create works with some outstanding similarities;...

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Exhibition Now Live

27 January 2016


Hua Gallery is pleased to launch its new online exhibition “Interwoven Abstractions”, featuring dynamic visions by the globally acclaimed Gao Brothers and rising star Le Guo. The show will run from 27 January until 8 May 2016.

Curated by London-based Contemporary Chinese Art Specialist, Dagmar Carnevale Lavezzoli, this exhibition presents a stunning selection of abstract artworks,...

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Upcoming Exhibition/Final Week of Current Show

20 January 2016

Hua Gallery has the pleasure of announcing its upcoming exhibition “Interwoven Abstractions”, featuring the dynamic visions of the Gao Brothers and Le Guo. Opening on 27 January 2016.

This exhibition offers a glimpse into the beauty and vibrant energy of contemporary Chinese abstraction, presenting works fostering an enthusiastic and sparkling new vision of human existence.



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Sun Lei - Veiled Fairytales

“As a poet, of course,  I am also a spiritual traveller” Sun Lei

Poet and artist Sun Lei (1971, Shandong) creates delicate compositions with ink and colours. His paintings convey an evanescent atmosphere, presenting surreal elements positioned in dreamlike visions. Beyond this sense of poetry, however, one can perceive a veil of melancholy and nostalgia… Smoky chimneys are often present in his...

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Xu Yong - Negatives - Tiananmen Images

After having kept these photographs hidden for over two decades, Xu Yong has decided to publish them as a form of art book as well as real photographs with editions. These images portray young Chinese idealists advocating democracy in 1989. Although the sensitive nature and the poignancy of the content, Xu Yong explains that there is nothing political about his choice to render these photographs...

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